Pastor caught in bed with a married woman Sunday afternoon

One of the ten commandments of God is “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” as enshrined in Exodus 20:8-11 but a junior pastor of Glorious Wave Chapel International in defiance to this went to satisfy his unbridled sexual libido that landed him in a big trouble.

The ‘man of God’ only identified as Osofo Appiah popularly known as Biblical did not only commit adultery, he was engaged in the act with a married woman.

According to reports, the sister of the married woman suspected them to be in an amorous relationship and moments after the pastor came visiting, she busted into the room and found both naked in bed enjoying themselves.

An alarm was raised attracting young men from the vicinity who subjected him to severe brutality amidst his claims that he has committed no crime.

In the video which captured the pastor in his white singlet and boxer shorts, he was heard saying, “so you are watching them kill me, what crime have I committed? Someone I know from Kumasi, you have hired people to come and kill me”, he asked.

Osofo Appiah was ordered by the angry young men to strip naked and lie on the bed but he resisted which led to him receiving hefty slaps before be obeyed.

In his sober mood after being subdued, he said “God is my witness, you can kill me. Jesus Christ. I have committed no offense”

Sources revealed that the pastor in question has been pestering the woman for sex from Kumasi until he was caught in the act in Accra.

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